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Causes of anti acceptance of the rightAnd the causes of anti acceptance of the right is too much, include the following:
Ignorance: and for this reason is often more souls, the ignorance of some desires, and ordinary people, the Andhav to this reason, regardless of his right, and antagonism to him, and envied him, an inhibitor of acceptance of the strongest, the Andhav so fond of it and his habit and Mrbah on it was his fathers, and who love and venerate, a strong inhibitor, the Andhav, the Tohmh that the right called for stopping him from standing or pride, desires and purposes, a strong inhibitor of acceptance too, the Andhav, the fear of his companions and his clan and his people on himself and his wealth, and merit .
As happened to Hercules King Christian Levant at the time of the Messenger of Allah Almighty be upon him, has increased inhibitor of acceptance of the right strength, the Hercules knew the truth while they enter into Islam did not pronounce the letters of his people and Khavhm on himself, he chose the blasphemy against Islam, after they found out his guidance, as said his story is coming, God willing.
Envy: It is the greatest of these reasons: (envy), it's disease lies in the self, and felt envious envied had preferred it, and Otte, what has not borne counterpart, do not let him envy that driven by him, be his followers, and whether prevention of Satan to prostrate to Adam only envy?
It may be preferred when he saw it, and it raised, snorkel luster, and chose to believe in disbelief after he was among the angels.
This malady is that prevented Jews from faith in Jesus son of Mary, has learned note is no doubt that the Messenger of God came with clear proofs and guidance, Vhmlhm envy that they chose disbelief on faith and who closed it, and they are a nation including rabbis, scholars and ascetics, and judges, and princes.
This came Christ did not come by virtue of the Torah law of the opposers did not fight them, but brought some analysis of what is forbidden to them, relief and mercy and kindness, and was complemented by the law of the Torah, however, choosing instead to all infidels to the faith.
How should they with the Prophet came law of independent copier to all the laws, reproach him Bakbaihm, and calling on the scandals, and a way out of their homes, The killers and fought, which is in all that supports them, and gains control over them, and louder than he and his companions, which is with him always in Sval, how does not have envy and prostitute their hearts?
And where is their experience with him from what they were with Christ, and who closed on its disbelief after it is clear guidance for them, and for this reason alone is sufficient to restitution, so how about if the demise of Andhav Riyasat and food are also provided.
The said walled perforated bin - a nephew of Abu Jahl - to Abu Jahl: "O my uncle Did you accuse Muhammad of lying before he said what he said? He said: O son of my sister, God, Muhammad was in us, a young man named Secretary, what is a lie never tried it. He said: O free! What you do not Taatbonh? He said: O son of my sister, Tnazaana we honor the sons of Hashim, Votamoa and fed, and irrigated and drink into, and Oqua and protect us, even if Tjathina on the knees and we were Kffersi bet they said: When the Prophet of us are aware of such as these!
He said Alokhans Shareeg day of Badr bin Abu Jahl: "O Abu rule! Tell me about Muhammad endorse or is it not a liar Here is one of the Quraysh and others others hear our words? Abu Jahl said: "Woe! God and Muhammad is the honest, and Muhammad never lie, but if I went to Major General sons Qusay, and janitorial, and irrigation, and the prophecy, what about the rest of the Quraysh?
As for the Jews was the scholars as they recognize their sons, Ibn Ishaq said: "We talked Asim ibn Umar ibn Qatada, a sheikh from Quraizah: Do you know what Islam was a lion, and alopecia, son of the Division, Asad bin Obaid, who were not Quraizah not Nadeer, they were over that?
I said: No, he said: it gave us a man from Syria of the Jews, said to him I'm Alheiban, sued us, God, what we saw a man praying better than him, introduced us before the coming of the Messenger of Allah two years, we used if Qahtna tell us the rain, we say: Oh, I'm Alheiban Fastsag us out: He says: God does not even applied to Mkrjkm charity, we say: How much? He says: Saa of dates or barley from the debtor, then go out to Vnkrjh apparent Hratna Nstsagi with him and we are sure of what even his council from the rain passes and coral.
Had done so more than once or twice and three, Vhoudrth death and met him and said: "O Jews! You see what get me out of the land of wine and Khmer to the land of misery and hunger? They said: You know, he said: I came out but I expect out may remain a prophet of his time, this country's immigrants, do not follow him Espguen to you and others if it comes out, "O Jews! It sends the shedding of blood and the captivity of strains and women who go against it do not stop you from him and then died.
When was the night that opened the Qurayza, said those three boys were young and events: "O Jews! And God for what he said to you I'm Alheiban, they said: What is it, said: "Yes, Allah, it is described, then leapt out and converted to Islam and free money and their families.
His son Isaac was money in the fort with the idolaters when opening received them, and Ibn Ishaq said: "We talked Salih bin Ibrahim bin Abdul Rahman ibn Awf from Mahmoud bin, however, said: The distance between Oabiyatna Jew, went to the club his people Lubna Abdel Ashhal of the day after, he recalled resurrection and the resurrection, Paradise and Hell, and the account balance, said that the owners do not believe that idol resurgence object after death, just before the source of the Prophet and said: Woe to you O so and so! This is an object that people are sending to their deaths after the House committee and the fire, and be rewarded with their work? He said: Yes, and you swear it to be good that was of that fire that Tokaddoa greatest oven in your house then Vthmonh Tqzfinu, and then you apply to and that I saved from the fire tomorrow, it was said: O So what sign it? Said: The prophet sent from this country on the one hand and pointed his hand towards Mecca and Yemen. They said: "When will we see? Stoned may indicate Franny and I was lying patio door of my family and I later people, said: "exhausted this boy old realize, what went day and night until God sent His messenger, and that neighborhood among us, Our mother and believed him and Kafr a prostitute and envy, said:" O so and so, are not you that I what I said and told us? Said: It is not him.
Ibn Ishaq said: Yahya related to me Asim ibn Umar ibn Qatada, said: "We talked Oceach of us said: It was not one of the Arabs know about the Messenger of God from us, we had Jews, they were people of the book and we were the owners of idol, and if we reached them what they hate said that a prophet envoy Now, may I keep his time, follow Venguetlkm killed back and toss. They said: "Woe to you O so and so! When Almighty Allah sent His Messenger of Allaah be upon him, we have taken and disbelieve it Vvina them and Allah Almighty:
(And they were by Estpthon those who disbelieve what they knew and when he came to disbelieve Our government rulers by God to the unbelievers).
According to the Governor and others from Ibn Abi Njih, Ali Azadi, said: "The Jews used to say: O Allah, send us the Prophet rule between us and the people.
Said bin Jabir, Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased: The Jews of Khaibar fighting Gtefan, when he met the defeated Jews of Khaybar, Fazt Jews in this prayer, she said: O Allah, I ask You by virtue of Muhammad the unlettered Prophet, who promised us that he graduated to us in the last decade but our victory to them, "said : They were crowded if they called this supplication Vhsmoa Gtefan.
When the Prophet sent disbelieve it, Almighty Allah revealed: (and they were by those who disbelieve Estpthon) means: you, O Muhammad (God Our government rulers of the infidels) and (Estpthon), namely: Istnasron.
According to the Governor and others: that the bright sons of what were evacuated from the city accept the Amr Ibn Sa'd Votaf their homes saw the mess, consider and then returned to Quraizah found them in the church Venfaj in Bogahm, they gathered together, he said Zubayr ibn al-Bata: "O Abu Said, where have you been today, did not Lanark , and was always at church, and was Itolh in Judaism, said: "I saw today crossed we consider them, I saw our brothers may Geloa then the good old skin and honor virtuous, mind master, must have left their king and others, and left out of the yoke, and the Torah, which highlighted that the God, people who never need them. The sign before that son of Izzat al-Ashraf in his building in his home safe, and sign the son of denticle master, and sign Kinka Vogelahm beings are most Jews, and they were several people and weapons and help. Vhzarethm Prophet peace be upon him, did not come out a man of whom his head until he were captured, spoke to them Fterkhm, that expelled them from Yathrib, O my people, you may have seen what you saw Votioni, and come follow Muhammad, I swear You will know that the Prophet has informed us tags and the command I'm Alheiban and Abu Amr Ben Hawass, the two I know the Jews, came from Jerusalem Etcvan coming, and Omrana Omrana that follow it and we read them peace, then they died on their religion and Dvinihama Bhratna.
Voskt people did not speak their speaker, and attributed this speech and the like, and fear of war and Sba evacuate.
Zubayr ibn al-Bata said: You may read the Torah and described in the book of the Torah which was revealed to Moses, not in the bladder, which brought about, said unto him, Ka'b bin Asad: What prevents you, O Abu Abdul-Rahman and his followers?
He said: You, said: "What did Voltorap resolved between you and him never?
Zubair said: but you are the owner of our time and we had, we have followed the followed, if you insist not, turned to Amr bin Saad heel stated in the Tquaola however, that Ka'b said: What I have in it except what I said, what perfume myself that I am becoming a follower.
This inhibitor is to prevent followers of Moses, Pharaoh, it is to show him guidance, the determination to follow Moses, peace be upon him, said his minister Haman: "Whilst the god you worship, worship the Lord, become someone else? He said: ratified.
According to Ibn Ishaq Abd-Allaah ibn Abi Bakr, said: There was about Safiya bint shy said: "I loved my father was born to him and my uncle Abu Yasir, when the Messenger of God City, coined it, and then came from the evening, I heard my uncle say to my father: Is it is it? He said: Yes, God, said: "It is borne out does not know? He said: Yes, he said: What about yourself from it? He said: his hostility toward God and what remained.
This nation of Jews known hostility of the prophets in the past and their ancestors and their options, you may tell us God for annoyance to Moses, and forbade us to imitate them in that, he said: (O ye who believe, do not be like those who hurt Moses Fberoh God what they said was with God, and valid).
But behind them: they are killers of prophets were killed Zechariah and his son Yahya and created a lot of the prophets, even killed on the seventieth prophet and established market in the last day if they did not make sense, and met with the murder of Christ and the crucifixion, Vassanh God of that and honored that the insult on their hands and threw likened it to other , killed him and crucified him and killed Eu Seal of the Prophets many times, and God Iasmh them.
It is their own business do not grow them choose disbelief rather than faith to reason that we have mentioned some of them or two reasons or more

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Who is God

We can not know that from God but from God, and that the two ways:
First: to reflect on the verses of Allah legitimacy Almthelop Aziz in his book and on the lips of the Prophet peace be upon him.
II: consideration of the creatures of God and His universe.
We will find in these two routes is utter greatness of Allah the Almighty Creator and Oneness of Lordship and deity and His names and attributes of the Book of Allah will find that takes you on tours and tours faring prospects of heaven and wander in the corners of the earth and biology show you the greatness of God and the power of God and appreciation of creatures and then show you the secrets of creation and configuration guide to The wisdom of creation, photography, and then knocks on the heart by saying the Qur'an with {God} God, they ascribe to a long journey but it is nevertheless interesting and beautiful moving her feelings and respond to common sense, straight as they alert the unaware and stamped with the polemicist.
The cosmic verses: All Mavera utter Bouhdanith Almighty, the Falcon open book read in every language and understand by all means read by Al Khaimah resident and a resident of minors, all he finds is read by the baggage of the right if he wants to look to the right .. Let me know to God in the round that I would not Isttilha Icetktherha bored and not busy.

Do you think about sleep days? You know and practiced every day, but that half of your age or less goes into it, which is indispensable, but if your life is composed of two sections:
1) vigilance to achieve them by virtue of God according to the law of God.
2) seek a sleep by the comfort to resume work in obedience to God.

Wonders of God's creation in the developing fetus:
Did you know that the fetus psychological separated by from his mother, betting in the cases of contraction and depression once, and cases of contentment and energizes the other, Vengda disturbed when located his mother in crisis emotional sharp Cgill or affected my body Koukua on the ground or a collision with something depending on the vulnerability of his mother this, and you find calm when Listen to his mother to hear what the rest of the Koran and the self-aware of religious, but when they hear the voice of his father and listening to him saw him through the organs of Photography Kalmnst him according to his mother .. What was even odder that they saw the fetus gets hurt and showed discomfort for some legal violations such as smoking - may God and you - have found a doctor in the practical experience that the fetus is quiet a finger, and when smoking his mother for a cigarette and soon pick them up and ignited noted the scale to the disruption of the fetus depending on the disorder the heart of his mother, Glory to God who made it in the middle of Darkness of three hurt than offended by him and his mother, although she did not feel like it.
Wonders of God's creation in the sky:

So I invite you to free yourself minutes at night description Odimh and missed the moon and then hopes the world of stars and know that what you see is nothing but a small part of 100 billion group known many of them did not know all of them in a specific path does not mingled with other and then move your thinking to what is broadcasted by God in heaven Of angels Ihsehm not only is the Almighty
{It is God who created the best of everything} There is no God, you are one of His signs, and the universe of signs, and the prospects of witnessing signs Bouhdanith .. Praise God ..

كيف يأكل الذئب الجن(حقيقه)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

هل الجن تخاف من الذئب, وهل ياكل الذئب الجن بالفعل؟!!

ولكن دعوني اضف الشياطين الي الجن..لانهما من نفس العالم

ساتحدث في البدايه حول خوف الجن و (الشياطين) من الذئاب..
فرعاكم الله...هذا الكلام لا يوخذ علي إطلاقه , فمثلا..بعض الجن والشياطين قد ينطبق عليها الحكم والوصف المشار اليه, وكثيرا لا ينطبق عليها ذلك
بمعني: ان لكل جن قدراته وصفاته الخاصه..والدليل علي ذلك (عندما امر النبي سليمان(رضي الله عنه) الجن الذين كانوا مسخرورن لخدمته..باحضار عرش الملكه بلقيس من سبأ اي سرير ملكها قب ان تاتي هي فقال عفريت من الجن :انا اتيك به قبل ان تقوم من مقامك واني عليه لقوي..وهذه كنايه عن الاتيان به في نصف يوم تفريبا..وقال اخر :انا اتيك به قبل ان يرتد اليطك طرفك اي بلمح البصر"
بعض الجن يخاف من الذئاب ولا نستطيع ان نقول جميعهم..انهم يختلفون في الشجاعه والقوه والسرعه فيما بينهم...يشبهوننا في هذا

لماذا يخاف الجن من الذئب خاصا؟! فلماذا لا يخاف من الكلاب مثلا..او اي حيوان اخر!!

في الذئب خاصيتان ..
أولا: أنه إذا وقع عينه على جني فإن الذئب لا يحول عنه بصره بل يثبت نظره عليه بشكل تام .. ولو فصل بينهما واد لدار الذئب حوله من جهة ألا يجعل هذا الجني الذي رصده بنظره يغيب عن عينه لحظة واحدة بسبب واد أو شجرة أو عازل بينهما بل يجتنب كل مانع عن الرؤية ... و السر في ذلك أن الأرواح الجنية يقيدها النظر .. فلا تستطيع الانصراف ما دام النظر متعلقا بها .. ويعرف ذلك من اشتغل بالتحضير و تظاهر له الجن فإن الجني لا ينصرف ما دام النظر معلقا به .. و أحيانا يصور لك صورة وهمية بأنه يتحرك من مكانه الى جهة من الغرفة .. فإذا تبعته بنظرك إختفى و انصرف .. واذا ثبتت نظرك على المكان الذي خرج منه فسرعان ما تتلاشى الصورة التي أوهمك بها وتراه في نفس المحل ... اذا النظر يقيدهم ..

ثانيا: الأرواح عموما سواء كانت ملائكة أو جن .. تكون هناك خاصية في موطيء قدمها على الأرض ..
و بالنسبة للجن .. ولو كان متشكلا في صورة انسي بلحم ودم .. و وقع في نفسك أنه جني .. فضع قدمك مكان موضع قدمه على أثر خطوته .. فإنه يتسمر في مكانه و لا يعدوه .. والذئب يطلب ذلك في عدوه وراء الجني ... و الا فالجني أسرع منه بيقين .. الا أنه يسمره في مكانه من هذين الطريقين

وبالنسبه..لاكل الذئب للجن..فهذا هو الموضوع الاهم..

كثير من الناس يعتقدون أن الجن لا يستطيعون التمثل بالذئب ويخافون من رائحته ، وأنه مسلط عليهم فيفترسهم في حالة مواجهتهم..هل هذا صحيح!

دعونا نري ما هو راي العلماء في ذلك :
دعونا نري ما هو راي العلماء في ذلك :
هم يؤيدون واقعه اكل الذئب للجن..وتفسيرهم لذلك..

ان للذئب قدرة خارقة على قهر الجان وان هذه القدرة تتمثل في عينه التي لا تفقد بريقها حتى بعد موته...
فعينه تلك التي لا ترمش حتي اثناء نومه..وراء كل ذلك
هم لا يمتلكون دليلا علي انه يستطيه الذئب اكل الجن مباشره اي ان يكون الجن في حالته الطبيعيه
ويؤكدون علي انه يستطيع اكله اذا كان علي هيئه انسان او حيوان

ماذا عن راي علماء الدين
هذا قول فضيلة الشيخ عبدالله بن عبدالرحمن الجبرين..حفظه الله

""هكذا سمعنا من كثير من الناس ، وذلك ممكن فقد ذكر لي من أثق به أن امرأة كانت مصابة بالمس ، وأن الجني الذي يلابسها كان يخرج أحياناً ويحادثها وهي لا تراه ، ويجلس في حجرها وهي تحس به ، وفي أحد المرات كانت في البرية عند غنمها وفجأة خرج ذئب عابر ، فوثب الجني من حجرها ورأت الذئب يطارده ورأته وقف في مكان ما ، وبعد ذهاب الذئب جاءت إلى موضعه فرأت قطرة من دم ، وبعد ذلك فقدت ذلك الجني ، وتحققت أنه أكله الذئب ، وهناك قصص أخرى ، فلا مانع من أن الله أعطى الذئب قوة الشم لجنس الجن أو قوة النظر ، فيبصرهم وإن كان البشر لا يبصرهم ، فلعلهم بذلك لا يتمثلون بالذئب ويخافون من رائحته ، فليس ذلك ببعيد""

اي انهم يؤيدون ذلك...

هذا ما توصلت اليه خلال بحثي..

"إذا تمثل الجن فى صورة غير صورته الحقيقية وتمكن منه أى من الأنس بالأمساك به وقيده فهو يستطيع أن يحبسه فى هذه الصورة إلى الأبد أو يقضى علية حتى وكما ورد عن الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم
حينما أمسك بواحد منهم وقال: أنه أوشك أن يقيدة إلى سارية المسجد ليلهوا به صبيان المدينة ولكنه صلى الله عليه وسلم أطلقه حتى لا تصير أمرا ً واجبا ًعلينا كمسلمين بالإمساك بهم أعاذنا الله وإياكم - فإذا كان هذا من قدرة البشر فمابالك لو إلتقى الذئب عدو الجنسين بجنى على غير صورته النارية "


اذا وجدت نفسك فاجأة في الغابة .. وهجم عليك ذئب متوحش هناك .. طريقتان للنجاة :
عليك بالجري دائريا ..تسألني لماذا ؟

الذئاب وكما علمت عمودها الفقري مستقيم متصل بالرقبة ولا يسمح لها بالألتفاف إلا بزواية بسيطة جدا
وبالتالي فإن الدوران الدائري يتعب الذئاب ..فيترك فريستها ويذهب بعيد !!!
الطريق الثانية للنجاة ليس فقط من الذئب بل من الأسود أيضا وجميع آكلات اللحوم..
هي : لاتذهب للغابة من أصله...

محاولة سرقة جثة النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم

خمس محاولات عبر التاريخ،
 المحاولة الأولى :
في عهد الحاكم بأمر الله العبيدي ، حيث أشار عليه أحد الزنادقة بإحضار جسد الرسول إلى مصر لجذب الناس إليها بدلا من المدينة ،وقاتلهم أهلها وفي اليوم التالي أرسل الله ريحا للمدينة تكاد الأرض تزلزل من قوتها مما منع البغاة من مقصدهم.

المحاولة الثانية :
في عهد نفس الخليفة العبيدي ، حيث أرسل من يسكنون بدار بجوار الحرم النبوي الشريف ويحفر نفقاً من الدار إلى القبر ، وسمع أهل المدينة منادياً صاح فيهم بأن نبيكم ينبش ، ففتشوا الناس فوجدوهم وقتلوهم . ومن الجدير بالذكر أن الحاكم بن عبيد الله ادعى الألوهية سنة 408 هـ

المحاولة الثالثة :
مخطط من ملوك النصارى ونفذت بواسطة اثنان من النصارى المغاربة ، وحمى الله جسد نبيه ، بأن رأى القائد نور الدين زنكي النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم في منامه وهو يشير إلى رجلين أشقرين ويقول أنجدني ، أنقذني من هذين الرجلين ، ففزع القائد من منامه ، وجمع القضاة وأشاروا عليه بالتوجه للمدينة المنورة ، ووصل إليها حاملاً الأموال إلى أهلها وجمع الناس وأعطاهم الهدايا بعد أن دونت أسمائهم ولم يرى الرجلين وعندما سأل : هل بقي أحد لم يأخذ شيئاً من الصدقة؟ قالوا لا ، قال: تفكروا وتأملوا ، فقالوا لم يبق أحد إلا رجلين مغاربة وهما صالحان غنيّان يكثران من الصدقة،فانشرح صدره وأمر بهما ، فرآهما نفس الرجلين الذين في منامه وسألهما " من أين أنتما؟" قالا:" حجاج من بلاد المغرب " ، قال أصدقاني القول ، فصمما على ذلك فسأل عن منزلهما وعندما ذهب إلى هناك لم يجد سوى أموال وكتباً في الرقائق ، وعندما رفع الحصير وجد نفقا موصلا إلى الحجرة الشريفة ،فارتاعت الناس وبعد ضربهما اعترفا بمخطط ملوك النصارى ، وأنهما قبل بلوغهما القبر ، حصلت رجفة في الأرض ، فقتلا عند الحجرة الشريفة .

وأمر نور الدين زنكي ببناء سور حول القبور الشريفة بسور رصاصي متين حتى لا يجرأ أحد على استخدام هذا الأسلوب.

المحاولة الرابعة :
 جملة من النصارى سرقوا ونهبوا قوافل الحجيج ، وعزموا على نبش القبر وتحدثوا وجهروا بنياتهم وركبوا البحر واتجهوا للمدينة ، فدفع الله عاديتهم بمراكب عمرت من مصر والإسكندرية تبعوهم وأخذوهم عن أخرهم ، وأسروا ووزعوا في بلاد المسلمين .

المحاولة الخامسة:
 كانت بنية نبش قبر أبي بكر رضي الله عنه وعمر رضي الله عنه.وذلك في منتصف القرن السابع من الهجرة ، وحدث أن وصل أربعون رجلا لنبش القبر ليلا فانشقت الأرض وابتلعتهم وأبلغنا بهذا خادم الحرم النبوي آن ذاك وهو صواب الشمس الملطي .

المرجع "تاريخ المسجد النبوي الشريف" محمد إلياس عبدالغني

أغرب أالاماكن على وجه الأرض

غالباً ما ننظر باستغراب إلى الصور التي تُدهشنا بها وكالة الفضاء الأمريكية ناسا للطبيعة العجيبة
على الكواكب الأخرى التي حولنا مثل المريخ والزهرة وعطارد، ولكن الحقيقة أننا لا نحتاج للذهاب هذه الكواكب
لنشاهد أي مناظر عجيبة لأن هناك أماكن على كوكب الأرض أكثر منها غرابة!

لنشاهد معاً قائمة أغرب 10 أماكن على ظهر الأرض:

1. جزيرة سُقطرى – اليمن

صورة شجرة دم الأخوين،
ولا توجد هذه الشجرة في أي مكان في العالم إلا على هذه الجزيرة ,,

2. سالار دي يوني – بوليفيا

إذا ذهبت إلى هذا المكان الساحر،
سستشعر وكأنك تحلم
لأن هذا المكان يحتوي على أكبر صحراء من الملح في العالم !!

3. بحيرة كليلوك – كندا

مع إرتفاع درجة حرارة الشمس تتبخر مياه بحيرة كليلوك
لتنتج مجموعه من الدوائر التي تعبر عن محتوى البحيره من المعادن
في شكل تدرجات ...

4. الوديان الجافة – أنتارتيكا
تشعر في هذا المكان
وكأنك على كوكب آخر:

ويوجد تحت الثلج مياه شديدة الملوحة تعيش فيها كائنات
لا نعرف عنها سوى القليل ,,